Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sign of a happy house...


I happened to catch this one as I was going through the house taking pictures of all the "inside the walls" stuff before they put the insulation and drywall up.  I think she's happy with her new back door!  (Yes, I think of my new house as a woman - and she's a fussy one!)

We are now happily ensconced at our next house-sitting gig in Dunbar.  This came about as a result of my very first post here!  Husband-man's friend D. shared it with his parents - the W's - via Facebook.  They happened to need someone to house-sit just around the time we needed a house to sit in.  And they kindly let us stay in their little basement suite for the week between the end of our previous house-sitting gig and the beginning of their vacation.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but we made it - it's a good thing we still like each other!  Now they've headed out on a grand adventure in Italy (have fun!) and we're taking care of their lovely home.

The W's have bird feeders in the backyard, and Kid 2 has enjoyed watching the birds and refilling the feeders.  He was even able to pick up one of the birds in his hands for a moment, which was very thrilling.

The house is lovely and homey and filled to the brim with interesting books.  It's been a pleasure so far.  But it is also a little bit saddening, because this house is a very similar design to our new house, but of  course it's the higher-end version (it has an upstairs and stained glass in the front door and windows), and it's been kept up over the years.  It makes me just a little sad to see what our house might have been, poor neglected girl.  But it also gives me ideas and inspiration for things I want to do.  Oh, little house, just wait and see what pretty things we have in store for you!

Oh, and the kitchen?  Good friends advised and the budget decreed: Ikea!  I ordered all my cabinets last week... now to sort out the delivery (which was supposed to happen yesterday but... well... it didn't work out.)

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  1. Just a quick follow-up on this: A friend had suggested taking the photos of all the walls before the drywall was installed. I ended up referring to those photos when installing some shelves in the laundry room. I was able to use a photo of that area to help me confirm what my stud finder was telling me and decide where to install the shelf supports. I don't remember who made the suggestion, but whoever you are: thanks!