Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Who knew walls could be so exciting?

I sure didn't - until I walked in one day and saw them there after months of seeing bare studs and house-guts.

Yes, the drywall is all done.  In fact we've been so busy lately, that several other steps have been completed.

The bathtubs are in, so we have running water in the house (hot water coming soon).  We painted both bathrooms and about 1/3 of the kitchen (just where the cabinets go for now).  And those ceilings.  For now I'm going with an off-white (Behr's Swiss Coffee) that matches the off-white kitchen cabinets.  I'm happy with it, but straight out of the can it's almost the same colour as drywall mud, which made it a bit challenging to apply the first coat!  We'll get into more exciting colours in a few weeks.  (For example - Kid 2 has chosen an orange colour for the "toy storage" room.)

The kitchen flooring was installed today (I'm very happy with it), and we put together most of the cabinet frames.  We discovered that one box was missing its hardware (so we stole it from an island cabinet that we won't put together yet) and that I ended up with an extra random 24" wall cabinet because it was hiding inside an "obstacle" in the design I made.  I'll be returning that soon.  Otherwise things went fairly well.  The contractor will finish putting them together and install them starting tomorrow.  He's in a hurry to get that done so that he can get it all measured for countertops, since that will take 10 days or so and we need to move in by mid-May!  (eek - that's in 3 weeks!)  And further good news - the fridge I bought second-hand sight-unseen via a realtor friend and then had issues with the delivery, well, it works!  Yay!

Thanks to my friend Helen and Kid 1 for helping clean drywall dust off the walls, and thanks to my mom, kids 1 and 2 and my cousin Louise for helping with the painting.  More painting parties to come...

And more cleaning to do - boy, that drywall dust just gets everywhere!

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