Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Work Gloves = Super Power

I am very squeamish.  I don’t like touching anything icky.  (I would never want to be a doctor or nurse or dentist.  Eww.)  But with work gloves on... I become Super-I-Can-Do-Everything-Woman, because...

I can touch Anything!

Dust, dirt, broken glass, bits of icky whatever.  I can scoop it up with my no-longer-bare hands.  I can lean on it.  I can pick it up and heave it.  This came in very handy this past weekend as I was cleaning up everything I could in the icky old basement to make way for the nice new basement.

Of course bugs are still a challenge... Sometimes I can positive-think my way through it.  Sometimes not.  But still:

Wearing work gloves is like having a super-power.  The power to touch anything!  

Ar ar ar ar ar...

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