Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Work Begins!

It's that part of Winter when the buds are starting to develop.  You can't see nature at work, but it happens nonetheless.

I'm feeling a bit of that about the house: work is beginning.  Of course we've been doing stuff all along: removing carpets, removing the particleboard covering some of the floors, demolishing the basement interior.  But today I saw the contractor's crew working on the garage.  They've been there a few days already; one guy fell through the garage roof the Friday before last when they started removing the old roofing materials.  But today I was there and I saw them working on it myself.  And for once, it was CONstruction rather than DEstruction.


I was also (finally!) able to submit the building permit application for the interior renovations.  I laughed because when I pulled the drawings out of their envelope, the Plan Checker said he thought the site plan looked familiar.  I said they should be because the contractor had submitted a building permit application - with a copy of the same site plan - for the garage on Friday.  

 (This site plan - isn't it awesome? I drew the buildings and stuff with Windows Paint to get them to scale, then I printed it, wrote in the text and measurement arrows and then scanned it at Staples.  The building division staff were impressed - good thing too, or I might not bring them cookies.)

This is good, because it means they were looking at the garage building permit.  (Yay!)  The contractor did say he thought he'd have the permit by Friday.  And we did get the drainage permit today.  

They didn't specifically say they would consider expediting the house building permit, but I didn't explicitly ask either.  I just pointed out that I was including a letter requesting them to expedite it.  The lady at the desk behind the counter (I'll have to learn her name) said they would call us as soon as they had the permit.  I thought that sounded promising.

And to top it all off, somebody in front of me got pulled over for speeding, and I didn't.  It's totally my lucky day.